Please make sure to read our Terms & Conditions before commissioning me.

Custom Twitch Emotes


$25 USD Each or 3 for $50 - Bundle to save!

  • All Emotes are drawn on a 112x112 canvas with 300 dpi

  • When the commission is complete you will receive your emote(s) in 3 sizes:

    • 112x112

    • 56x56

    • 28x28


Custom Loyalty Badges

$15 USD Each or 4 for $40 - Bundle to save!

  • When the commission is complete you will receive your Badge(s) in 3 sizes:

    • 72x72

    • 36x36

    • 18x18

  • Please note that Badges are very small and details may be limited due to size restrictions.


Custom Illustrations

Illustrations can be commissioned by torso or full body. Headshots are offered upon request as well. Each design will be created and delivered PNG on 1920x1080 canvas at 300 dpi. Illustrations can be original or based off your character/emote/logo.


Basic Outline

Torso - $10

Full Body - $20

Flat Color

Torso - $15

Full Body - $25

Premium Shading

Torso - $40

Full Body - $75



Chibi art will be designed and delivered on a 1080x1920 canvas

Simple Line Work: $15 USD

  • Line work delivered in PNG

  • Custom to your request

Flat Color: $25 USD

  • Custom Design

  • Delivered in PNG

  • Flat Color

Premium Shading: $35 USD

  • Custom Design

  • Delivered in PNG

  • Color shading


Custom Twitch Panels

  • Simple Panel: $5 USD /Ea

    • Simple Design with Text/Label

    • Unlimited (No art)

    • Color variations available

  • Deluxe Panel: $10 USD /Ea

    • Can include an emote you've commissioned from me or your own (must provide your own PNG and artist permission)

    • Color variations available

    • Perfect if you have art already ready!

  • Premium Panel: $20 USD /Ea

    • A unique art design for each separate panel

    • Themed to your channel

    • Includes box and text/info

    • Bundle and save! 8 panels for $80!